Investment Thesis

At SokoCRE, we target unique development opportunities in the country’s fastest growing markets.

Backed by research and a data driven approach, we identify the best off market sites and build communities that serve the community and fulfill our fiduciary responsibility to investors.


An aerial view of a building under construction.

Soko CRE specializes solely on multifamily development. We do not invest or develop in any alternative asset classes. Our efforts are exclusively focused on being proficient in the multifamily development cycle, adding value every step of the way.

This approach allows SokoCRE to leverage all of our resources on sound decision making and strategy, free from alternative investment plans or conflicting priorities.

Our Target Markets

A map of the united states with texas highlighted.

SokoCRE focuses our efforts on markets that consistently outperform national averages in areas such as net in-migration, rent growth, median home value, wages, and job additions. By developing in these flourishing markets, we are able to fulfill the robust demand for upscale rental housing.

Target states include Florida, Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. These are all markets that have attractive attributes such as favorable business regulations, low tax rates, affordable real estate, and warm climate.

Identifying Opportunities

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Our dedicated team takes pride in identifying unique off-market sites through our broker and land owner relationships.

By applying our data driven process we can efficiently vet sites and analyze prospective developments faster than the competition. This allows us to quickly act on opportunities, structure attractive terms, and prepare to diligently work toward project approvals.

Turn Your Vision Into Reality

Specializing in developing Suburban Class A Apartments across high-growth markets, we are reshaping communities, one project at a time.